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The Baker's House

Earlier plans to transform the old baker's house into a guests house in were stored. The bakery maybe becomes a Barbeque House once the other major works are completed. The roof is decently waterproof now, so the building is saved for now.

The Bathroom

We decided that the bathroom has to move to the former stables. There we'll build an additional floor, where our  spacious, modern bathroom will be installed. On the same floor we have 2 or 3 bedrooms where guests can enjoy a comfortable stay.

The Water Wheel

The wheel must be removed and all woodwork renewed. This will be done as the main structural works are finished. An alternative is to fix the water wheel when dredging the pond, so the mill will be easily accessible.

The Pond

The pond should be dredged. As they want to create a national park near our town, this work should be done very rapidly. If our grounds would be included in the natural park, getting an authorisation to dredge the pond could be very difficult. So my authorization has been requested in 2010, work should start around 2010-2011, and should be finished in 2012 at the latest.


Always welcome!

Filip, Sofie,