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La Barterette

La Barterette is the stream feeding the pond, flowing behind the farm to the castle . The watercourse occurs underground and comes after a trip of 4.4km from the caves to the surface under a rock. Then it flows along the trout pond at our pond, then through the waterwheel and the ruined tanks to split up near the bridge,  one arm towards the Seine on the other towards the castle.


Trout in the pond can be seen almost continuous, also herons and wild ducks can be seen. Certainly near the waterfall  you can observe many different birds. Young and adult deer regularly visit the field behind the farm, near the forest. On the road to the village of Duc le Aignay Beaunotte a rare so called black stork've has often been seen.

The region

Besides the nature and tranquility, there are several interesting attractions in the region:

The medieval town of Semur en Auxois certainly is worth a visit.

Also a boat trip on the legendary "Canal de Bourgogne'" is an unforgettable and relaxing activity (boat rental is in Venaray les Laumes).

In Chatillon sur Seine you can visit the museum of 'La Vase de Vix '. It's a regional museum themed around a giant bronze vase that was passed as a burial gift to deceased young woman and contained a kind of syrup which was , upon arrival , mixed into wine. The vase was found by a farmer on his field in the middle of last century.

Almost every village has a castle, a monastery or hermitage. That, along with the beautiful scenery makes this area a beautiful hiking, and an ideal mountainbiking spot.

In the region they produce the tasty and cheap "Crémant de Bourgogne". At about 40-km's, in the direction of Troyes there's the southern champagne region. The world famous vineyards of the Bourgogne are at some 60 km southeast. And the vineyards of Chablis are at approximately 1 hour driving south west ... Cheers!


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